Selection of local cured meats and 27 month mature parmesan nuggets1

Seasonal radicchio with crispy bacon 12

Eggplant stuffed with cheese and sausage1,3,7

24 months Parma ham with Apulian burratina7

English roast beef with mixed salad and 27 months mature parmesan petals7,10,12

Roman pinsa with warm porchetta and stracciatella (recommended x2) 1,7

Grilled vegetable platter with Apulian burratina7


Paccheri with eggplant, cherry tomatoes and stracciatella cheese1

Fusilli pasta with sausage, courgettes and mascarpone1,7

Pici all’amatriciana1

Spaghettoni alla carbonara1,3,7

Gragnano spaghetti with fresh cherry tomatoes1,7

Gragnano spaghetti with garlic, and chili sauce1

Spaghettoni alla gricia1,3,12

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe1,3,7

Tagliatelle al ragù bolognese1,3,7,9,12

Tagliatelle with ham and lemon (Romagnola)1,3,7,12


Grilled black angus Florentine or Tomahawk (subject to avaibility)

Black angus ribeye

Black angus Picanha

Flank Steak BBQ with mushrooms (bavette) 9,12

Roast pork with demi-glace sauce

Milanese ossobuco1,9,12

BBQ style pork ribs1,9,12

Bolognese veal schnitzel 1,3,7


Roast potatoes

French fries with garlic and rosemary

Borlotti beans all’uccelletto9

Seasonal mixed salad

Grilled vegetables


Catalan Cream1,3,7,8

Deconstucted cannolo1,3,7,8

Dark chocolate mousse3,7


Italian trifle1,3,7

Pizzo Calabro dark chocolate truffle icecream1,3,7,8

Pizzo Calabro dark chocolate truffle icecream with liqueur1,3,7,8

Bologna custard ice cream with Fabbri sour cherries3,7